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Гражданская идентичность как механизм регулирования межэтнических конфликтов

Ссылка для скачивания: Гражданская идентичность как механизм регулирования межэтнических конфликтов.docx

Авторы: Нели Самвеловна Мелконян, Кристине Асатуровна Танаджян, Нуне Геворговна Геворгян

Аннотация: Modern life makes nations to define and reform their identities to have an opportunity in choosing alternative ways of self-realization of their political potential. The definition of identity gives a chance to participate in nowadays civic processes and to be competitive as well. Modernization of national identity is the most hopeful way to preserve national continuation in the context of contradicting global processes. As Shtayner mentions each social community must be changed organically underlining their individuality but also cooperating: From this point of view it is important to pay our attention on civic identity as mechanism of controlling Interethnic conflicts. Ethnologist Tishkov defines Interethnic conflicts as civic, political contradictions in which opposite sides have ethnic disagreements. In this article is considered civic identity as the mechanism for controlling interethnic conflicts.

Ключевые слова: Межэтнические конфликты, Гражданская идентичность, Управление

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