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  1. Здравствуйте уважаемые коллеги. У меня такой вопрос, как COVID-19 влиял на образованию в Вологодской области?
  2. In fact, at the moment, Tajikistan is the second country after Uzbekistan that provides Russia with migrants. Migrants from Tajikistan influence to the economy, demography, politics ... of Russia. For example, the economy, let's take only the patents of Tajik migrants. In Moscow, for the period from 2017 to 2019, 483,057 patents were issued to citizens of Tajikistan, the income from advance payments for this period is approximately 2.212 billion rubles. Also In 2015, about economic impact of Tajik migrants in Russia, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that the Moscow budget received more money from the sale of labor patents to migrants than from the capital's oil companies. In addition to patents, they also leave part of their salaries in the Russian Federation, paying for food, utilities and other services. In addition to patents, Tajik migrants are strengthening the Russian ruble through remittances. It is safe to say that every year migrants from Tajikistan bring a lot of money to the budget of the Russian Federation. So, we can say with confidence that Russia benefits most from migrants than Tajikistan. Regarding the cruel migration policy of Russia, especially on the part of law enforcement agencies (the police), the fact that they check migrants in every corner and most of them let these migrants go for money, I do not think that they can improve the quality of the migration inflow by this way.
  3. Labour migrathion

    Hello dear colleague. Sorry for the late reply. From Tajikistan to the OECD countries, they mainly travel to such countries as: USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Poland, South Korea and Japan. These countries are leaders in terms of the number of Tajik labor migrants.
  4. Hello, Dear colleagues. Thank you for your question.) I am going to answer to your question. About migration from Tajikistan to OECD countries, I am also writing my dissertation on the topic of emigration from Tajikistan to OECD countries, and in our research we have shown that highly educated migrants mainly come from Tajikistan to OECD countries, and migration to OECD countries is long-term and the goal of Tajik migrants to obtain citizenship of an OECD country, bring a family and stay there forever, their purpose is not remittances. We also showed in our research that the volume of remittances from these migrants in 2010-2018 amounted to USD 1.553 billion, but during the same period in the Republic of Tajikistan, USD 2.674 billion was allocated from the budget for education. Compared to deposits from highly skilled migrants, education costs are almost 2 times higher.
  5. Какого роль внешней трудовой эмиграции в Республике Коми?