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Arctic comfort under COVID-19 and digitalisation

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Авторы: Svetlana Sergeevna Tuinova, Jim i Kinnibrough

Аннотация: This research addresses the questions, “what is Arctic comfort” and “how has COVID-19 and global digitalisation impacted the dwelling sector of the Northern region economy”. The article begins with an historical review of how the Artic has previously been occupied and populated. This work then considers the environmental consequences that were observed during the period of Arctic industrialisation and concludes by proposing a basic design of what a successful contemporary Arctic dwelling could look like taking into account green energy. It identifies 60+ enablers that could help define and shape “Arctic comfort”. Gained answers and gathered information lead us to prognose three scenarios in the dwelling sector of economy in the Arctic region.

Ключевые слова: Arctic comfort, Sustainable dwellings, Green Energy, Digitalisation, Covid-19

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